Tonalite AQUAREL

Glazed porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


AQUAREL By Tonalite


Glazed porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Glazed porcelain stoneware

Aquarel collection by Tonalite reinterprets in a modern way some stylistic elements of the past and reinvents in size 15×15 the decorated tiles born at the end of 800.‎ Aquarel is a square tile with regular and well-defined edges, with perfectly planar surface and matt finish, suitable both for floor and walls decoration.‎ Careful studies of the colour allowed to have a chromatic effect similar to the one obtained with watercolours: the colour is spread to more or less dense shades on the surface giving it depth and a touch of craftsmanship.‎ This way, even plain tiles appear to have movement, strength and tone conferred by the colour itself without the help of a superficial structure.‎ We developed fifteen decorative subjects in which the pictorial depth is functional to give the drawing the representation of the volumes through the use of shadows and light; the use of these motifs in a patchwork composition describes contemporary surfaces in whatever way they are used, both private commercial.‎ Should the creation of more classical compositions be necessary, the use of individual designs allows to realize a “carpet” compositions.‎AQUAREL DATA SHEET- Type: porcelain stoneware- Size: 15×15 cm square- 4 colors for plain tiles (White, Green, Gray and Blue) and 3 colors for decors (Green, Gray and Blue)- 6 single-design decors and 1 decor with 15 subjects mixed in box- European Standard: EN 14411- Group: BIa- Water absorption: 0,5% < Eb- Thermal shock resistance: pass- Crazing resistance: pass- Breaking strenght: > 1300 N- Flexural tensile strenght: ≥ 35 N/mm2- Slipperiness: R10

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15 x 15 cm


10 mm




Glazed porcelain stoneware

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