Flaviker DAKOTA

Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


DAKOTA By Flaviker


Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

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The Dakota collection is the new ceramic frontier from Flaviker, inspired by the North American landscape at the time when men were colonising the great open spaces using materials provided by the land itself.‎ Dakota is a new interpretation of wood-effect porcelain with aesthetic qualities that are enhanced by signs of ageing and wear.‎ The collection is inspired by planks made of alder, a timber that is widely used in construction and interior finishings and displays natural imperfections caused by ageing, such as scratches, stains and tiny holes made by woodworm.‎ Powerfully realistic, the Dakota collection reproduces the wood defects as the most distinctive elements of the ceramic surface.‎ The product’s vintage look is in full accordance with the latest interior design trends, particularly given the choice of four sophisticated colours and the sizes that include not only 80 cm and 120 cm strips but also the visually striking 40×170 cm and 20×170 cm ceramic slats.‎ Flaviker large-format tiles are produced using Auto-Leveling technology.‎ A very small degree of convexity guarantees maximum bonding to the substrate after installation as the tiles self-level under their own weight, ensuring perfect flatness even in the case of dry-set installation.‎ Dakota also includes two products designed specifically for outdoor use: the 20×120 cm Reserve strip and the 30×120 cm tiles of thickness 20 mm, both featuring an R11 grip finish.‎ These products guarantee maximum outdoor usability even when the floor is wet or damp.‎ As demonstrated by the Dakota collection and its 40% content of recycled material, Flaviker has a strong focus on sustainable building and is committed to meeting the requirements of the LEED international rating system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which promotes the design of buildings with a low environmental impact.‎Technical detailsTechnology: Coloured body porcelain tile.‎Sizes and finishes: 40×170 cm | 20×170 cm | 20×120 cm | 20×80 cm | 30×120 cm natural rectified, 20×120 cm Reserve (R11), X20: 30×120 cm 20 mm thickness R11 (Naturale, Avana), 20×80 cm 3D strip (Naturale, Grigio) | Mosaic 30×30 cm.‎Colours: Naturale | Avana | Grigio | Tortora.‎


20 x 120 cm, 20 x 170 cm, 20 x 80 cm, 30 x 120 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 40 x 170 cm




Porcelain stoneware

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