Ariana Ceramica ESSENTIAL

Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

ESSENTIAL By Ariana Ceramica


Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

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With the new ESSENTIAL collection, Ariana rediscovers all the natural appeal of wood.‎ The series is inspired by the natural materials used in furnishing and architecture and in particular by untreated wood, which is ideal for creating warm, welcoming atmospheres.‎ESSENTIAL comes in a palette of four colours.‎ Almond is the palest tone, designed to enhance the luminosity of interiors.‎ The colour Beige stands out for its understated elegance that blends in perfectly with the most varied styles of furnishing.‎ Oak is the warmest and most intense colour in the range, while Grey is the ideal version for spaces with a contemporary design.‎ The elegant colours of the ESSENTIAL collection are the perfect addition to the Ariana catalogue and are ideal for experimenting with different combinations of materials and colours, an operation that is facilitated by the range of rectified modular sizes present in the various collections.‎ The new decorative solutions such as the Rombo 30 format and the mesh-mounted Mosaico Rombo allow users to explore new and visually-striking layouts.‎ ESSENTIAL is also the result of Ariana’s most advanced ceramic technologies, WIDE and Auto-leveling.‎ The two ESSENTIAL 20×120 cm and 26×200 cm plank sizes, obtained from WIDE ceramic panels, are produced using CONTINUA+ technology, a revolutionary pressing system that uses dry compaction of raw materials to create surfaces with extraordinary technical qualities.‎ Due to their size, their 7 mm thickness and the natural plasticity of the ceramic bodies, the porcelain planks have a high degree of flexibility.‎ Thanks to this elasticity, ESSENTIAL adheres perfectly to the screed and self-levels after laying, guaranteeing excellent flatness and a perfect installation every time.‎Technical Details Product type: Dry pressed porcelain panels 7 mm sizes and finishes: Natural 26×200 cm, 20×120 cm, rhombus with 30 cm side length, all rectified.‎Colours: Almond, Beige, Oak, GreyApplications: Floors and walls, residential and commercial building.‎


120 x 120 cm, 26 x 200 cm, 30 x 30 cm


Ariana Ceramica


Porcelain stoneware


7 mm

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