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Ariana focuses on colour as the essence of wall tile design in the new ENERGY collection, which stands out for its lively shades and sophisticated three-dimensional appeal.‎ Available in two surfaces inspired by plaster and manual application techniques, ENERGY creates an elegant 3D effect suitable for any space.‎ Shabby is the more neutral surface version, while Spatula has a directional and irregular pattern that recreates the marks left by plasterers’ tools.‎ENERGY comes in a broad palette with unlimited compositional potential in which the three bright colours Coral, Peacock and Curry coordinate effectively with the three neutral tones Milk, Cream and Grey.‎ The colours are complemented by the exclusive design of the Dots and Brush accents, which display the artistic sensibility typical of all Ariana wall tile collections.‎ The new installation solutions featured in the ENERGY catalogue also expand the potential of Ariana Mix&Style.‎ The coloured and textural wall tiles contrast pleasantly with the existing collections inspired by stone, wood, concrete and even wallpaper and worn leather.‎ENERGY is made from white body W&P, an exclusive and highly innovative wall tile material that combines high strength with low weight to ensure ease of handling and installation.‎ Technical DetailsProduct type:W&P white body wall tilesColours: Milk, Cream, Grey, Coral, Peacock, CurrySizes: 30×120 cmDecorations sold by the square metre: Brush and DotsApplications: Indoor wall tiling in residential and commercial building.‎


30 x 120 cm


Ariana Ceramica



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