Tonalite KRAKLÈ

Indoor glazed stoneware wall tiles


KRAKLÈ By Tonalite


Indoor glazed stoneware wall tiles


Glazed stoneware

The collection is developed in 4 sizes and 16 colors and features innumerable special pieces that allow you to customize each creation.‎Craquelé is a French term that means “cracking”.‎ The glassy shiny surface of the tiles with the crackle effect is characterized by a weave of thin cobweb slits that reproduce the ‘aged’ effect present in ancient ceramics.‎ The predominant character in the Kraklè collection is the depth of the color shades generated by the interaction between the surface structure and the nature of the glaze.‎KRAKLE’ DATA SHEET- Type: glazed single-fired tiles- Size: 10×30 cm rectangle, 10×30 cm beveled rectangle, 7,5×15 cm rectangle, 15×15 cm square- 16 glossy colours- Tissue decoration with 7 relief textures in 8 colors- European Standard: EN 14411- Group: BIIa- Water absorption: 3% < Eb ≤ 6 %- Breaking strenght: ≥ 1000 N- Flexural tensile strenght: ≥ 22 N/mm2 Further info from manufacturer on KRAKLÈ Tonalite


10 X 30 cm, 15 x 15 cm, 7,5 X 15 cm




Glazed stoneware


10 mm, 7 mm, 8.5 mm

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