Tonalite GEOMAT

Full-body porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


GEOMAT By Tonalite


Full-body porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Full-body porcelain stoneware

Geomat represents a new concept of ceramic covering in which shape and material merge to generate contemporary products with a high technical content and unique design.‎ Geomat is full body porcelain obtained through an extrusion process that combines maximum performance and a mood that recalls handcrafted products.‎ The six shapes and the seven colours can be combined with each other, allowing an infinite number of laying combinations for both floor and wall.‎ 7.‎5×30 Slabtex consists of five textures inspired by the weave of the fabrics; the combination of the surfaces and the material of this product allow realizations in contemporary style with a high scenic impact.‎GEOMAT DATA SHEET- Type: Extruded porcelain stoneware- Size: 10×30 rectangle, 20×20 Estella, 6×7 hexagon, 14,3×24,5 rhombus, 14,5×12 triangle and 13×14,5 fishscale- 7 matt colours- European Standard: EN 14411- Group: AIa- Water absorption: 0,5% < Eb- Thermal shock resistance: pass- Crazing resistance: pass- Breaking strenght: > 1300 N- Flexural tensile strenght: ≥ 28 N/mm2- Ceramics of Italy

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13 X 14,5 cm, 14,3 X 24,5 cm, 14,5 X 12 cm, 20 X 20 cm, 6 X 7 cm, 7,5 X 30 cm




Full-body porcelain stoneware


8 mm

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